Southwest Automotive Professionals Membership Renewals


You will receive an email notification from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the amount owed for the first quarter (July - September). The following billing schedule has been put into place and a reminder will be sent to a couple of week prior to each due date.

July 1st - 1st Quarter

October 1st - 2nd Quarter

January 1st - 3rd Quarter

April 1st - 4th Quarter

As we move towards a paperless system which helps to save on supplies and postage costs, your email reminders will include the online link to submit yout payment.

Grand Canyon Chapter -

Phoenix Chapter -

Prescott Chapter -

Tucson Chapter -

Verde Valley Chapter -



Thank you for working along side us as we continue to update or services and contact with you!

Diana DeLeon, ASA AZ Executive Director

PO Box 81517, Phoenix, AZ 85069 | (602) 910-0081

PO Box 81517, Phoenix

AZ 85069 | (602) 910-0081